Company Profile:
We started to be active in pastry and food industry in 1970. We were aware that there was not any mechanization and industrialization for our finished products such as Turkish fairy floss and halva. Thus we started to operate in this sector under the name of Kagniciogullari Inc. Co. in 1996 with Turkish fairy floss and halva making machines whose designs were made by us and patents belong to us. Later, we started to manufacture all kinds of machines which were relevant to production of Turkish fairy floss. We have contributed to industrialization of this sector in domestic and abroad with manufactured machines by us such as chocolate coating machine, sugar boiling machine, dough machines, forming machines for Turkish fairy floss, Turkish delight and halva, sugar bleaching machine, Turkish fairy floss and halva making machines. Here is some of the countries where we export to; England, Canada, Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Uzbekistan and Iran. Our R&D studies and design works for food industry go on steadily.

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Countries Export to:
England, Canada, Holland, Greece, Israeli, Uzbekistan, Iran

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Established Date: 1990  Tax Office: Selçuk  Tax Number: 4870522414  Staff Count: 11-25  Export Specialist: Hakan KAĞNICIOĞLU